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SENSA winner.

the SENSA winner is kareen.

here's her crazy diet story:
My craziest diet story happened when i was 22 and was slightly overweight :(, one of my friend commented on a article she read about celebrities chewing on ice to burn 60 calories, needless to say i tried that in cold January Canadian weather, so every time i would want to eat or feed the monster rumbling, i would chew on ice first, haha, so imagine the waiter surprise when in the middle of January, in freezing and snowing Canadian weather, i would order a glass of ice water instead of comforting hot chocolate! :)

congrats, kareen! no more chewing on ice for you, miss! just send your address.

and for all you ladies who ate cookies, spiced lemonade, and cabbage soup for weeks on end, you may want to think about using the SENSA discount code - MAKEUPLOVESME - for 15% off and free shipping this month.

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