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SENSA month 2: update, giveaway and discount code!

here it is, your slightly belated (hey - i'm a busy girl!) update on my return to the SENSA diet, complete with a giveaway and discount code.

let's start with the good stuff. one mlm reader is going to be getting an entire set of SENSA (a $59 value). want that winner to be you? all you have to do is email me about the craziest diet you have ever tried at makeuplovesmecontests[at]gmail[dot]com. all entries sent before midnight on monday (11/10) will be considered and the winner will be announced on tuesday (11/11). may the best story win!

and for those of you who just want to order your own SENSA, i have a discount code for you - 15% off any SENSA purchase and free shipping thru 11/30. there are no limits or minimums. the code to use at checkout is MAKEUPLOVESME and the website is trysensa.com.

as for my SENSA diet? i'm sad to say i'm still only using it one out six meals, but i haven't gained any weight yet (*knock on wood*)!


hg1234 said...

i tried a vegatable soup diet for 13 days.

Danielle Hogan said...

The craziest diet I've ever tried was the cabbage soup diet. Not only did I NOT lose any weight but....ahem....no one could stand to be in the same room with me if you know what I mean. Needless to say, I'm not real fond of cabbage anymore!

herblady said...

The craziest one I tried was the Beverly Hills Diet, which was popular about 25 years ago. There was a different food you could eat every day but you ate nothing but that food on its day. I remember that one day it was raisin day so I nibbled on raisins all day long. I had to attend a bridal shower and everyone else was eating real food and a lovely cake while I had my little baggie of raisins that I ate. It was very depressing and stupid!

hrbeck_98 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Anonymous said...

've done the yogurt only diet for 14 days. I actually gain weight an was sarving the entire time. I hate dieting!


Anonymous said...

I tried the yogurt only diet and have never been so hungry in my whole life. Needless to say I lost no weight ans actually gained. It was terrible.


Cynthia said...

My weirdest diet was my made-up one, where I bought a can of root beer and a packet of frosted animal crackers, and I ate that every day.

If my stomach was being really loud during class, I would sneak a saltine and eat it slowly until my stomach quieted down.

This was back in the day, but it cost me about $3 a week, not including the weekly $1 box of day-old doughnuts I would buy at the local grocery store.

I was skinny, but I was either a) hyper from the sugar or b) hitting the dizzy spells from the sugar lows/lack of food

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