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my top 5 du jour.

beauties, it's that time again. the time where makeup loves me headquarters up and leaves nyc for a few days and heads to florida. if you are a regular reader, you know that my family lives down here and i often come down for holidays or vacations.

so today was spent navigating airports, and that's why i'm just getting around to posting. and in my suitcase? makeup, makeup, some hair and skincare, and more makeup, of course!

when i come to florida i bring tons of new products to try and out review, as well as my current staples that i know give a gorgeous neutral look, as to be sure i won't be leaving the house in some unknown clown makeup.

so what's my current top 5 that i just had to pack?

1. nars' eyeshadow duo in alhambra ($32) - contains both a rose-toned and flesh-toned shimmering neutral to brighten the eye.

2. vincent longo vibrant eye waterproof liner in nerino ($17) - i usually swear up and down by urban decay liquid liner, but the vincent longo liner has been giving me a very neat, crisp and deeply black line that i've been loving.

3. three custom color specialists' lip and cheek stain in ski bunny ($20.50) - the prettiest pop of color on the cheek that lasts for hours.

4. prescriptives custom blended tinted moisturizer ($48.50) - i know! i rave about this product every chance i get, but it really is the best.

5. secret clinical strength ($8.50) - i switched to this antiperspirant at the end of the summer and i'm not switching back! i'm not sure if it was just that the hot weather ended, but my sweat level has been dramatically improved.

check back all week to read reviews of the new products i'm trying out here in florida, beauties!

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