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mascara showdown - max factor's 2000 calorie straight brush mascara.

welcome ,black friday!

the final mascara i packed is max factor's 2000 calorie straight brush mascara. this mascara feeds on my personal mantra that anything 2000 calories is automatically amazing, it's lucky i didn't eat it on sight!

it's claim is that it volumes lashes up to 200%. it definitely gives volume, and, like the other two mascaras i tried this week, the look is clump-free -- one of the most important qualities for a working woman's mascara. nothing looks trashy faster than clumpy lashes.

quick tip: the straight brush is for creating lengthy lashes, while the curved brush option is for a wide-eyed, dramatic look.

this mascara is available at most major drugstores and is another great pick for the recessionista in you.

so who wins the mascara showdown? all three are great mascaras, but i think l'oreal's double extend beauty tubes technology wins - it's budget conscious and i can't resist a tubular mascara. to revisit my review of it click here.

1 comment:

kkbonGo is a Keeper said...

2000 calories is one of my staple mascaras (i have like 5, lol) i love it! I'm gonna have to try the beauty tubes. I'm so skeptical, but I'm hearing such good reviews I'm gonna have to jump on it!

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