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mascara showdown - l'oreal's double extend beauty tubes technology.

i've brought 3 mascaras (yes, 3, i did this for you, so don't judge me!) to florida for a little comparison.

the first is l'oreal's double extend beauty tubes technology. what i love best about a tube mascara is that it doesn't flake, because it actually makes a little tube around each lash.

this mascara is also what i like to call a "black and white" mascara, because it has a wand on each end - one with a white lash primer and the other with the black mascara. in general, i am not a fan of "black and white" mascaras, because i always discover midway through the day that some of my lashes managed to stay white -- not cute.

so, with the known information being that tubular = good, and "black and white" = bad, how did it stack up?

well, at breakfast my dad said, "are you, like wearing extra eyelashes or something?"

i love hearing that -- congrats, l'oreal's double extend beauty tubes technology in black, you've won a spot in my heart. and at drugstore prices, i think recessionistas will be happy to see you.

don't stop by tomorrow and friday to hear what other mascaras made it into my bag!


kagey10 said...

hmm, I had been wondering about this one. the commercial seems so cheesy. I may just have to give it a try. I am not a fan of the black./whites either. but if you pops said that??? yea, i gotta give it go!

I currently use Vulimnious (the BRIGHT yellow tube)

thanks girl!

makeup loves me said...

hi kagey! i've been meaning to give the bright yellow tube a try! how do you like it?

Joi said...

I'm going to try this.

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