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holiday wish list 2008: MAC's adoring carmine.

since my cravings for holiday gifts have officially set in (so what if i made a list of things i want instead of a to-do list this morning?), i've decided it's time to start mlm's 2008 holiday gift coverage.

as always, MAC's variety is huge and their packaging exquisite. this year's theme is red - with 6 collections: red she said, passions of red, adoring carmine, passionately red (viva glam holiday charity), little darlings, and kids helping kids (MAC's signature charity card collection).

the true star is adoring carmine - 3 brush sets and 3 lip sets in too cute to live red carrying cases.

the lip sets all come in small drawstring purses of red-orange patent with wine satin gusset sides. the three color choices are: red lips, neutral lips, and rose lips. how did MAC know rose lips are my new signature?! $34.50 a set.

the brush sets are packaged in medium-sized round brush bags in wine-coloured satin with red-orange patent zippered enclosure and wristlet. the varieties are: basic brushes, eye brushes and face brushes. i honestly recommend getting all three. MAC's holiday brush sets are the deal of the year, you get several of their high quality brushes in travel sizes for what would be the cost of two full sized brushes. $49.50 a set.

enjoy all of MAC's holiday gifting options at www.maccosmetics.com. holiday shopping is on, beauties!

1 comment:

ButterflyDiary said...

Totally getting this. Viva la Red!

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