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gossip girl - how to get serena's hair.

last nite's episode of gg wasn't as delicious as some recent gossip girl treats, but as always, the ladies looked divine.

serena's soft natural waves are loved by all, so i got the tips on how to achieve the look from celeb stylist sarah potempa.

sarah says:

  • begin by sectioning hair. sectioning hair is the most important timesaving tool! make sure to separate left front, right front, top and back.
  • spray aussie’s opposites attract hairspray. being creative with your products can really change your pre-conceived notions of what they can do. spray on each section before you iron. i love using this spray because it was specifically made to have a strong hold with a softness that makes your hair touchable.
  • wrap hair around a 1” closed curling iron. the key here is to use the iron in a totally new way! wrapping the hair around the closed rod creates a softer, more natural looking wave. always wrap away from the face on the left and on the right.
  • extra tip: use a beveled flat iron to create a flatter wave.
and i say, don't forget to vote today, american beauties! xoxo.

image credit: gossipgirlinsider.com

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