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diversion is gross. a public service announcement.

last week i went to an event about diversion, which is when you get salon products at non-authorized vendors.

apparently, the only people who are authorized to sell salon products are salons- meaning cvs, target, and other seemingly legit stores are not getting these products from the actual companies. no big deal, right? not for me, i love getting my things from convenient sources.

except, then i learned that that some of these "diverted" products are often contaminated, watered down, or just plain not the products they are supposed to be. and they often the same price as in the salon, or even more expensive! next time i want some kerastase, you better believe i will just grab one while i'm at the salon.

the brands represented at the event were l'oreal USA professional division - but this problem applies to all salon products not purchased from the salon. so be careful, beauties!

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Beauty 365 said...

how scary! i was really shocked to find out about that too

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