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all skins mineral makeup spf 15.

it's 11/11 today, beauties! make a wish!

if you've tried mineral foundation before, your wish was probably that it would stop being mediocre and live up to the promises it's made for you. prescriptives is making that wish a reality.

all skins mineral makeup spf 15 has revolutionized my feelings about mineral foundation. i've always respected a good mineral eyeshadow - because the color pay-0ff is long and strong
, but the foundation has always left me wanting something more. this product lasts for hours, has amazing (full) coverage, and actually blends into skin (rather than just sitting on top of it).

plus, it's got all that mineral makeup good for you stuff going on - spf 15, infused with vitamins and minerals, yada yada yada. $32.50 at prescriptives counters and prescriptives.com.

1 comment:

Mineral Makeup said...

I love mineral makeup. What a great way to nourish the skin!

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