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three custom's czarina collection.

czarina, czarina.

i often think that if i had a prefix in front of my name it would be czarina, because czarina marina just works. not that i think should have a title. i'm just saying, if i did, czarina would be good.

anyhow, back to the topic at hand. the czarina collection. three custom color specialists has captured eastern european regal beauty perfectly with this collection for fall/winter 2008. this simple collection consists of just two eye shadows and one lipstick, but when viewed together they could not be more russia.

russian blue eye shadow($19.50) is described as an icy blue grey and gilded eye shadow (also $19.50) is a copper-rich gold tone. though i believe the true jewel of the collection, the belle of the ball, is ballet russe lipstick ($18.50). i love a sheer red, but usually think of sheer reds as very summery. this one is so sophisticated (perhaps because it is moisturizing but not glossy) that it is decidely autumnal. nostrovia, beauties!

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