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shobha remains one of my favorites!

because i apparently believe having two midterms back-to-back isn't torture enough for a friday, i scheduled a brazilian and an eyebrow threading with shobha - hair removal experts.

luckily, shobha specialist promila (found at the columbus circle location) didn't give in to my sadist ways. by using sugaring (a more natural and gentle alternative to waxing -- read more about it here) for as much of my bikini treatment as she could to minimize both pain and irritation. another fabulous feature of shobha is their no double-dip policy - which means once they use one of those popsicle sticks on you, it goes in the trash, not back in the melting pot. after removing the hair with sugaring and wax the specialists at shobha also do their signature hair removal technique of threading to remove any tiny or ingrown hairs from the nether region.

threading is also used at shobha for eyebrow shaping (read more about threading at shobha here). my eyebrows need a little bit of work after a week of studying and promila restored a beautiful arch and evenness to their look. i left shobha looking and feeling like a new woman, and just in time for the weekend.

shobha has three locations in nyc. visit them online to review their services or make an appointment!

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