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ricky's halloween wonderland is online.

you all remember ricky's, right? (if not, you can click here to read about some hot hair styling tools i got from them).

anyhow, ricky's stores are exclusive to nyc and sell an amusing combination of beauty supplies and sex toys. but halloween is their real time to shine. they have more costumes and supplies than any place i've ever been, or dreamed about for that matter. and the good news for you non-nyc beauties is that their costume emporium is online - at rickyshalloween.com, naturally. if you still have no costume, overnight shipping may be in order.

my friend lodro and i went into a ricky's last weekend and i saw costumes i didn't even know existed -- i still don't know what a "leopard daddy" is, i assume some sort of pimp? anyhow, i'm truly crushed that the sailor costume below is sold out. any thoughts about what my second choice should be? 2 days left until halloween, beauties!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Actually, Beauties, you can hit the Store Locator Button and find stores in Brooklyn, Long Island and, even Greenwich, CT and Florida.....!!! MOMs can get her's in FL. !!....Good Luck shopping...!!

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