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next week will be better.

beauties, i have two midterms today -- so i'm sorry i've been neglecting you, but i'm pulling my hair out!

i do, however, promise that next week will be filled with halloween fun.

also, as a teaser, know that i went to a philosophy holiday gift preview last nite, and there is now a red licorice counterpart to my beloved black licorice 3-in-1. hells-to-the-yeah!

send test-taking love my way and have a great weekend, gorgeous people!


eye4style said...

I am in love with the Red Licorice one!!! Did you get the lippie too?

makeup loves me said...

hi dina! i do have the lippie - i really think i might accidently eat it.

lelaelena said...

Oh yesterady I smelled the carrot cake.

I cant believe I'm saying this but I may like it more than pumpkin spice.
So warrrming.

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