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aussie's 30th bday!

um, i seriously don't know where to begin. in the wise words of my dear friend amber katz, "i love my lifestyle." in honor of aussie's thirtieth birthday i attended a private tiffany concert at bungalow 8. that's right, an 80's pop star sang for an intimate group of people (that included me) in a club that was featured on s&tc, that requires a key to get into (and i was there). she and i held some serious eye contact, and i really did think we were alone now. also, her new dance music is a little awesome. like, if i figure out how to download music, i'm gonna download it, and in the meantime ill keep watching it on youtube. and that is what i call tuesday nite. oh, and because i'm the world's worst photographer this is the picture i took of this monumentous nite.

of course, there was education too. we learned about hair through the ages -- from madonna, to "the rachel", right up to present -- the loose curls of serena van der woodsen. aussie's new products are all about helping you achieve the effortless awesomeness that is serena, and once i firm up the details on that i'll be sure to post on how to get the look. meanwhile, i'm going to work on getting carolyn from the daily obsession to send you the the pic she, amber and i took with tiffany. you beauties need to see this! happy wednesday. xx.

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