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zirh's warrior collection.

beauties, tomorrow starts breast cancer awareness month, and mlm has some uber exciting and informative pieces planned for you. i know what you're thinking -- "really? the whole next month on this site is going to be devoted to pink stuff? but normally this site is so gender neutral..." i know, i was surprised too. but before we dive into a month of pink products, tatas and other women-centered stuff, i'm going to give a nod to the boys.

my dad's birthday was a month ago, and for every single occasion that society obligates me to get him a gift he asks for a minty body wash. now there are a decent amount of those on the market, but not all of them are great gifts for a guy. zirh's warrior collection puts an end to any frustration you may be having in finding the right shower gel to give your dad/brother/boyfriend/guy friend/male nurse. having famous emperors on the bottle makes anything masculine, so it's a genius idea.

your guide to this line:
julius caesar (emperor of rome)
scent: refreshing citrus
key ingredient: almond extract

charlemagne (the king of franks)
scent: cooling icy
key ingredient: chestnut seed extract

cyrus (persian ruler)
scent: sensual, smooth
key ingredient: carrot extract

alexander the great (ancient greek king)
a spicy wood scent
key ingredient: olive extract

ulysses (legendary greek king)
scent: light, exotic
key ingredient: sesame extract

$22.50 each at bloomingdale's, macy's, dillard’s and zihr.com.


Karen said...

LOL! These are awesome. Most men are champions in their own minds, so what a great way to market to them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lizzard,
Which of the old dead emperors scents do you think I'd like?
Thanks for your skinput,
Gary B.

Hannah said...

Love that Zirh did this, and love that you told us about it! Thanks!

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