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a plea to estee lauder - bring psychedelic back!

an open letter to estee lauder:

i understand that you're an elegant lady's brand, and i respect that. that's why i was so surprised when, approximately 4 years ago, you made pure color crystal gloss with liquid prisms. these iridescent glosses were so divine, i bought 3 shades on 3 separate occasions. i still have a bit of my favorite shade, psychedelic, left. but every saturday nite out, that remaining bit dwindles. i suppose i could buy it on ebay, but who knows what where that gloss has been? this is why i beseech you, a powerful makeup gods, please return pure color crysal gloss with liquid prisms to counters. if not all the shades, at least psychedelic.

makeup loves me


Lydia said...

haha I have never seen this gloss before but it looks pretty!

meredith said...

I adore this color- I, too, am running low. :(

Jeniffer said...

Amen to that. Rainbow prism wasy soulmate

marcos said...

OMG!!! Me too at first I loved Rainbow Prism then I ran out and it was out of stock so I purchased the psychadelic one... I love both. I'm so mad they are like no where to be found. :o(

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