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philosophy's black licorice body wash.

it's been a while since a philosophy 3-in-1 product has wow-ed me.

as part of their fall collection philosophy has included a black licorice 3-in-1, and my exact thought was "wow". it's so on point with the shimmery goth trend. the scent and aesthetic of black licorice is the perfect combination of sweet and sultry to fit in this fall -- well played, philosophy, well played.

$16 at philosophy.com and sephora.


tokyostargirl said...

Since I hate black licorice, I'd have to pass on this, but it sure does look interesting!

eye4style said...

Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! Hadn't heard a peep about it!

Hana said...

Like your post.... Sephora is also one of my favorite for beauty products.

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