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neutrogena healthy volume mascara.

i've found my new day-wear mascara, neutrogena healthy volume mascara. it's gives a very natural (no clumping!) volumization. plus, it makes lashes look super hydrated (it contains all sorts of natural hydrators -- like olive extract, meadowfoam seed and sweet almond). i've been wearing it for the last few days, and i'm hooked because it's that subtle fuller lash look, rather than, "oh, i notice you own mascara".

oh, best yet? it's only $6.99 at target.com (averaging $7.99 in drugstores nationwide).

also, i've learned i'm not alone in this infatuation, celebrity make-up artist, elaine offers, has been using the neutrogena healthy volume mascara on the set of “confessions of a shopaholic" and she said "neutrogena healthy volume mascara is a must have in my makeup kit when on location...just used it on isla fisher during filming of "confessions of a shopaholic"...it volumizes beautifully, while conditioning lashes with olive and almond oil." you know if celeb makeup artists are agreeing with me i've got to be on to something!


ButterflyDiary said...

I've got to give this a try, in my quest for the PERFECT mascara (still no luck). I want every darn lash to be separated like fat matchsticks...

Mary said...

that is a good price for a mascara...should give it a try..thanks!

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