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nars at chris benz.

i will always have a special spot in my heart for chris benz shows because chris benz was the first show i ever went backstage for (all of 1 year ago) with lancome. this year nars' lead artist ayako did the makeup for chris benz. though i wasn't backstage i did receive this lovely face chart and picture in my inbox.

inspiration: a young teenager from the 70’s, very fresh and innocent with a rebellious side. ayako said, “i wanted to use a vivid color palette that would complement the collection and give the girls a fresh, innocent look with an edge.”

look: concentrating on monochromatic shades, the artists used beige, yellow, and orange to create a fresh, innocent face. soft, dewy skin and sparkled cheeks, combined with a brilliant yellow gold eyelid, brought a youthful brightness to the look. a nude-peach gloss finish on the lips rounded out the fresh look.

a sample of the nars products used:

· firming foundation
· the multiple in orgasm
· duo blush in hungry heart (new for spring 2009)
· single eyeshadow in night sun (new for spring 2009)
· lipliner pencil in fantasia
· lip gloss in sweet revenge (new for spring 2009)

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