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manuel canovas anse turquoise.

i'm in love again...this time around it's with anise. last year i loved the smell of roses, now all i think of is the spicy, and somewhat bizarre scent of anise. first the philosophy black licorice body 3-in-1 and now manuel canovas' anse turquoise has caught my nose. it and it's holding me spellbound.

part of the garden riot collection, anse turquoise is described as "a deliciously wearable magnolia accord with a gourmand heart blend of citrics and ylang ylang. ceylon, cinnamon, muguet and tuberose. the mysterious airy base captures caramel, amber, peruvian balsam and oakmoss."

so there you have it. it's smells like sambuca. and i love it. $95 - and i'm seriously considering buying it because i killed my sample vial this weekend.

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