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backstage at baby phat.

fashion week (month? year?) finally drew to a close last nite. i decided to close out my week by heading to roseland ballroom, backstage at a show that is always unlike any other, kimora lee simmons' baby phat.

and what was the inspiration for the hair, makeup and nails? the name on everyone's lips backstage was cher, cher, CHER! specifically cher in the early 1970s, coupled with desert inspiration for the garb. i told you baby phat does it unlike anyone else.

for hair this meant stick-straight, long and flow-y with a middle part. for some girls this included a blunt bang, others were bang-free. all hot tools - straighteners and blow dryers were by linea pro. i don't know how familiar you beauties are with their tools, but they are sleek and gorgeous (some are gold, leopard print, covered in rhinestones -- very baby phat). i left backstage convinced that i absolutely need a rhinestone flat iron.

makeup was done by MAC and was tan and dewy. cheeks were sculpted with orange/coral pop (see the color right in the middle of this picture? that's the pop.) eyes were shimmery and topped with angled, spiky false lashes, while lips stayed in the pale, neutral family.

for nails all the girls had matching tips by CND, in their hit shade strawberry daffodil. as roxanne from CND explained to me, the nails were to be "long, baby pink and soft almond. natural, but baby phat natural." some of the sample nails for this show included turquoise, snake skin and tips made to look like sand. um, amazing. did i mention that i want these people to be my personal nail stylists?

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: top image courtesy of theinsider.com.

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