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back to my sensa - because all good things must come to an end.

this summer i was on the best diet of all - the breakup diet. every girl i know has their greatest success story with this weight loss system. but after a blissful 7 pound drop, food has regained its power over me, in the form of deliciousness. what's a newly size 4 to do?

way back in may, after returning from the total beauty blog summit in LA, i had started the SENSA diet (and posted about it here). for those of you who need to play a little catch-up SENSA is a diet system created by dr. alan hirsch. users sprinkle either "salty" "sweet" crystals (they come on opposite sides of the same container - kinda like nerds candy) on their food and it magically reduces their appetite, something to do with sense of smell.

so yesterday i resumed SENSA-ing my food. i still have crystails left in my "month 1" shaker, but i'm planning to keep at it this time. so when you see that picture, know you're in for one of my new SENSA monthly updates, beauties. as of now? so far, so good.


Anonymous said...

Do you think this would work to help me drop 20 lbs? I've been reading your reviews and other reviews online about it, but I can't help it, I'm a bit skeptical.

Sina said...

Sounds like an interesting concept. But I'm not sure if it's for me. I enjoy food way too much ;D.
Does it really smell like nothing at all? How is it possible that you don't recognize a difference, but your body's sense of smell does? I think my sense of smell is very distinctive (and I always cook by smell rather than by taste).
I think I'll have to stick to eating whatever I feel like in moderation and working out regularly - so far it's been pretty successful with a loss of 7 kg (I think that's around 15 pounds) while gaining muscle mass and not losing any water.

BUT I'm really interested in the concept, especially the biological background, so I'll be checking out your blog for updates.

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