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treat your hair right, please.

if you're still partying like there's no tomorrow - keep it up, you have until monday to pretend summer is eternal. but, please please please, think of your hair!

my poor hair has gone through hell this summer. i blow dry it, i tease it, and since all nyc bars have outdoor seating in the summer nyc's "no smoking in bars" rule goes out the window -- so i'm surrounded by clouds of cigarette smoke (shh! don't tell my mom) that make my hair brittle and dry, then i wake up and do it all again.

luckily, in addition to indulging on nights out, i've splurged on some majorly restorative hair treatments that seem to be doing the trick:

ted gibson's goodnite - this is the supreme hair luxury. at $200 for 4 ounces, no one can argue this is for the beauty on a budget. but it smells like heaven, which i think helps me have great dreams and it makes my hair shine like the sea. plus, ted's choice to spell it "goodnite" enhances the love i already feel for him (this is one of my "signature intentional misspellings" as well). lastly, it has the "la mer appeal", the steep price tag just makes you like a queen.

l'oreal vive pro nutri gloss conditioning treatment - after a night of teased hair, a morning of deep conditioning is in order. nutri gloss conditioning treatment smooths my hair out, and with it's drugstore price tag, it most certainly is a bargain for the beauty with a budget.


ButterflyDiary said...

I've used Ted Gibson's Gootnite serum for years. I think it has really made my hair stronger because its much thicker now. And I love the smell!

Jade Wright said...

I wonder if the $200 product is worth it? I'll stick with the drug store comparable. However, I do invest in good quality styling tools. Karmin products tend to make my hair shinier. http://www.professionalhairtools.com/
Thanks for the great blog.

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