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ricky's hair accessories to the rescue!

straight from the mlm confessional: most of the time i just don't bother with my hair. i do a full face of makeup, but as far as my hair goes, i just make sure my cut and color are up-to-date. but styling it everyday - eh, not so much. however, lately i've been realizing that having finished hair makes all the difference (especially because my very pretty friend told me so).
and ricky's (new york's beauty and halloween costume emporium) has come to my rescue with affordable and easy to use hair finishing tools. these huge purple rollers are $3.99 for set of 3 and are perfect if you don't feel like blow drying but want some to give your straight hair some finished volume. just roll 'em in, secure with duckbill clip (pictured below, $4.99 for 6), do your makeup and unroll.

and if you are going for a sophisticated, off the neck look, look no further than bungee cords. you pick the one that matches your hair color best, twist and clip - and voila, you are lady-like in no time. $3.99 for 4.

thank you, ricky's for helping me achieve my true hair potential!


Karen said...

Great budget tips! Are those bungee straps thinner than normal bungees?

Sina said...

Do you know of they're available online?

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