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my hot list.

yesterday was just a whirlwind of events and product releases, beauties. whirl-wind. and now i'm in rhode island visiting my lovely parents. i'm still trying to process it all, so before i move on to telling you about all the new stuff, i wanted to take a time-out to tell you about some of the old stuff that has been majorly working for me lately.

1. my hair, or more accurately, my most recent dye job by patricia at the mark garrison salon (read my first rave about her here). the evenness of my color has really been making waves with people lately--i've been getting compliments on my shade left and right! thanks patricia!

2. my tan, or my more accurately, my fake tanner. rather than sun my face i've been applying dermaquest's dermaglow (face) every morning - and people keep telling me they like my tan! it is a remarkably streak-free formula. loooove it. $22.

3. my nails, or more accurately, essie's fiji. this opaque pink looks like strawberry frosting. it's a shade that somehow makes you more tan and more polished looking instantly. and it's a nice break from the in-your-face neon nails of the summer. $8.

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