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head and shoulders, because sometimes you don't want white flakes on your clothes.

dandruff is soo not glamorous, but it is an unfortunate reality that needs to be dealt with. last week i spent a lovely evening with ben skervin - celebrity stylist for head and shoulders - and he somehow managed to make this practical brand seem totally glamorous, by mixing in some great tips about what's hot for hair this fall (wavy hair, ponytails with a twist and loose updos).

plus it was educational, i learned the following:
myth: you must let dandruff shampoos sit in the hair for a couple of minutes to get the full effect.
reality: just lather and rinse as usual and you should be all set.

in all seriousness, white flakes are not cute, especially because the time for white clothes, which may hide them, is rapidly drawing to a close. but luckily enough, they are totally easy to manage. head and shoulders now comes in 9 shampoo varieties and 3 conditioner types - it's totally inexpensive and can be easily worked in to your shampoo rotation (i try to use it 2-3 times a week) - so that's the good news, beauties!

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