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givenchy's dandy collection.

there's just no other way to say this, so here it goes...givenchy brings the makeup porn, hardcore. every collection of theirs is a visual delight, and latest in that is their fall 2008 collection, dandy. dandy is a celebration of androgynism, meant to compliment the men's wear inspired fashions for this fall.
there are a lot of really magical pieces in this collection, but i'll just tell you about a couple and let you discover the rest for yourself.

the eyeshadow quads:
i think the real purpose of the collection is to make me crush hard on these eye shadow quads. precious shimmer (seen at right) and smoky shimmer (seen in the above montage) are all i've ever wanted from a quad -- well coordinated, shimmery, polka-dotted -- it's all just a bit too much to bear. $49.50.

the rouge interdit satin lipstick:
there's going to be a lot of red lipsticks on the market this fall, and i will probably get involved with many of them, but as of now, fatal dandy is my favorite. it is a true matte, cherry red -- the perfect compliment to any men's wear apparel. $26.50.

explore dandy here, i don't think you'll be sorry.

1 comment:

Ember said...

Oh dear... I just fell in love with Chanel's fall collection. But this one looks amazing! Thank you for the review. :)



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