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essie's fall 2008 collection.

here it is - essie's fall 2008 collection. in a word? vampy. and it's a word you're going to be seeing a lot of this fall, so get used it. shades are bold and stay in the wine-cherry-blood color family. also, get used to my f-ed up nail painting job, im just not that good at it.

so without further ado - from top to bottom:
tomboy no more - red currant truffle
lacy not racy - velvety vintage burgundy
no boundaries - juicy passionate plum
big spender - divinely lush red-violet
forever young - fiery tango red
swept off my feet - dusky rose seduction

i'm pretty in love with all of them, but tomboy no more is gonna be all over my tips this fall, just you watch. $8 a bottle at essie.com.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I love tomboy no more, lacy not racy, and no boundaries.

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