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bright lights, big color monday - rembrandt's classic intense stain.

today we're talking about a different kind of bright color here at mlm, the always-in-season look of bright, white teeth.

rembrandt makes a wide variety of products to help one achieve this look (all in elegantly simplistic packaging!), but i tend to stick with the classic intense stain toothpaste. this is mainly because i already brush my teeth, so using it requires no additional effort. the toothpaste is geared towards fixing the damage from all my vices - coffee and wine and i've gotta say, so far i'm quite pleased! i also have the rembrandt whitening touch up pen, which i'm looking forward to trying out. have any of you tried it?


NurseExec said...

I just started using this recently, and I can't decide if I really notice a difference. I drink coffee (lots, with milk) and smoke, so I'm really hoping for some change. I'm going to start using this after each meal, rather than just am and pm. I want to try the pen too.

Laurel said...

I've tried a number of stain fighting toothpastes and Rembrandt is the very best I've found. I have mild tetracycline stains and I drink coffee. I had "overlays" on my front top teeth for 10 plus years, because it's a constant fight to keep tc stains at bay. But the overlays began to look a bit dingy so I had them removed.

I stopped using Rembrandt regularly because at least a year ago, they dropped the quantity in the tube and increased the price quite a bit. I dunno, that totally annoys me.

I then moved to a place that has a water softener. It was such a surprise when, after a few months of regular brushing with regular toothpaste, I noticed that those recurring coffee stains were just GONE. I'll get overlays again at some point for the tc stains.

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