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anastasia, i love you.

so i finally took the plunge and tried out the anastasia beverly hills brow products. i love to have a neat brow, but all the hype surrounding the line had been a little bit of turn-off for me -- i like to discover things! but sometimes you just have to surrender, because oftentimes if everyone loves a product, it might just be for a reason. and in anastasia's case, i now see the reason.

after using the tweezers, which come as part of the five-item brow kit i literally threw away the tweezers i'd been using for the last 5 years. threw. them. out. the precision i can get with is unreal. the angle helps me to get the little hairs right in the arch that make the difference between neat brows and precise brows. the five item kit is $65.

so now that my brows were tweezed to the appropriate shape i had to fill them in a bit -- and that's how i ended up falling head over heels for the anastasia tinted brow gel in caramel. i really think if i didn't put on any of my makeup, just rolled out of bed and put this product on i would look put-together. that is how much power it wields. $19.

now i'm just left wondering, "anastasia, where had you been all my life?"

1 comment:

Askmewhats said...

You totally got me interested on this!!! oohhhh I wish it comes to us down here in the Philippines! Everyone's raving about this!!!

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