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vosges caramel marshmallows.

at this point in the week, hopefully you've found an unsuspecting hostess to welcome you into her beach house or summer share for the holiday weekend (if you haven't done this yet, stop reading this. it is urgent that you get on your weekend plans!).

now that you have found a place to enjoy the fireworks, you need the perfect hostess gift. enter vosges. their recently-released caramel marshmallows are a novel twist on a classic summer treat, the s'more. vosges caramel marshmallows are made of dark chocolate, vanilla bean marshmallows, caramel, toffee crumbles, and grey sea salt. while giving these as a gift shows the giver has sophisticated taste, these treats are so delicious that one need not have a refined palette to enjoy them.

my only warning? be sure you get a box for yourself, or risk showing up empty-handed. $27 for a box of 9 at vosgechocolate.com or at one of the vosges boutiques in new york, chicago or las vegas.

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