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les yeux noir.

noir cosmetics has all the makings for a cult following. the entire line is made up of different shades and textures of black eye makeup! the richness that is black mania kohl eyeliner has won my heart. mlm chats creator caroline cohen to get the details on this awe-inspiring line.

1. What inspired you to create Noir cosmetics?

I wanted to create the go-to brand for classic eye makeup. Noir Cosmetics was founded on my personal search for that perfect black eyeliner, a beauty tool that remains a staple in every woman’s makeup bag, and which also happens to be the most enduring fashion and beauty item. There is no color more elegant than black. It is timeless and classic. Is there anything black eyeliner doesn’t go with?

2. When did the line launch?

Noir Cosmetics is brand new on the beauty scene, as we launched in Spring 2008. It is currently available online at www.noircosmetics.com, or by phone at 1-866-760-NOIR.

3. How did you decide which products should be a part of Noir?

We wanted to create a collection of always-in essentials, exclusively in black, that are compatible with every skin tone. The products in the line work perfectly with one another and are truly versatile to create any eye makeup look from start to finish. We wanted to offer our eyeliners in various formulas and textures to offer the choice depending on preference and usage. But the priority is always to offer products of uncompromised quality, and that are extremely easy to use and apply.

4. What is your favorite black eye makeup look?

A rich black eyeliner around the entire eye is a classic technique and always gives a radiant and sensual look.

5. Which is the one product in your line every girl should have in her makeup bag?

A classic black mascara, whether worn solo or as the finishing touch to every look.

thanks, caroline! and beauties, be sure to check out noir cosmetics!

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