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more vosges mini party cake, please.

my week of four tests has drawn to a close and i'm cursing myself for not saving my vosges mini party cake in red velvet for celebration. why do i have no willpower? the second i saw this little confection perfection i knew it had no chance of surviving 24 hours in my frig. i consider myself to be somewhat of a red velvet cake/cupcake affectionado (i think i have tried every place that is supposed to have "nyc's best") and this cake was supreme. rich as midas, but divine. layers of moist cake, cream cheese icing, candied walnuts and an outer decorative icing? well, you just can't go wrong with that.

but above all else, like always with vosges, the presentation is flawless. no detail is overlooked. as you can see in the above picture, my actual cake was just as pretty as the one on featured on their website. perhaps vosges' dedication to the aesthetic is why i adore them to the obsessive degree that i do. who knows? all i know is i wish i still had that cake...$60 at vosgeschocolate.com. price seem like a bit of splurge? it is, so spring for it in situations where you should splurge - impressing the boyfriend/girlfriend's parents, as a super thank you, or when you really, really deserve a treat.

enjoy your weekend, beauties!

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