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mark garrison salon.

maintaining slightly red hair is just not easy. this means color touch-ups are needed with a frequency, which in turn means i get to try out all the salons you beauties are curious about.

last friday, it meant i headed to the luxurious mark garrison salon at 108 east 60th st. patricia, a color genius, listened to me babble about the warm, red-rich brown tone that i prefer and assessed the several shades and variations of color my hair had faded to.

then, she did something no one has ever done to my hair before, she took away color! she decided the ends of my hair were darker than my desired shade, so she put a treatment on them to lighten it up, before doing the overall color. but then after the overall color was through, my roots took the color better then the rest of my hair, so she darkened them up for me. and voila! this fantastic patricia somehow managed to make my hair all the same color (with the number of times it's been dyed this is no small feat, let me tell you).

feeling quite satisfied with my color i was sent downstairs for a fantastic blowout, which was doubly perfect because it was friday evening! i was allowed to get my blowout however i wanted (so of course i chose volume-y!). and i worked this blowout into my saturday night.

for personal service in a refreshing setting, check out mark garrison salon, online at markgarrisonsalon.com or give them a call at 212.400.8000. i recommend patricia!


Askmewhats said...

that is honestly a great looking salon!!!!

Irene said...


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