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l'oreal skin genesis.

after reading yesterday's post about l'oreal's sublime bronze some of you may have been left thinking "that was way harsh, (tai)", but chill! now i'm going to tell you about a l'oreal product i absolutely adore.

skin genesis multi-layer cell strengthening daily moisturizer is an oil-free lotion that brightens my whole face up. since i'm prone to break-outs a solid oil free day lotion is my best friend. and this one is super affordable, around $20 at all major drugstores.

it's companion product, skin genesis serum concentrate, is also great, but i just can't get in the habit of using a serum (perhaps because i'm not sure i'm clear on the point of serum, even though dozens have come out this year). if you feel like serum is a must-do step is a must for you, definitely combine the two products for synergistic effects!

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