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liz earle clease & polish makes me pretty.

i judged this ultra-creamy face wash as not right for my oily/acne prone skin the second it showed up at my doorstep. but, fate is a twisted friend, and not a day later, i ran out of my beloved cetaphil face wash.

cursing my lack of preparedness, i whipped open the liz earle cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser. it's a cream cleaser that comes with two muslin clothes to polish skin and remove the product. i also learned from the accompanying literature that even though i've never heard of it, the product apparently has a cult following with makeup artists and women-in-the-know (and i thought i was one of those!). one of these cleansers is sold every minute!

fast forward one week later: my skin is looking it's best in months. the creaminess has actually resolved the little dry patches on my skin from where i aggressively treated breakouts and the anti-bacterials in the formula's herbals (rosemary, eucalyptus and chamomile) have evened out all my red spots. i'm a convert!

the starter kit, which includes the cleanse & polish hot cloth cleanser and two muslin clothes all in a cute zip-up bag is $24.50 at us.lizearle.com.

1 comment:

eye4style said...

The creaminess of this cleanser was not good for my skin, personally but I do ADORE the muslin cloth process. So soothing and exfoliating:)

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