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kim kardashian makeup video tutorial.

i have 4 exams this week. 4. instead of looking glam, i'm ripping my hair out.

but rather than studying ventilation/perfusion, i find myself mesmerized with makeupgeek, a youtube makeup phenomena. this girl can do anything makeup related - all in fun, didactic video form. her re-creation of the kim kardashian makeup look is flawlessly executed. enjoy!

if you want to get yourself trapped by hours of alluring makeup tutorials visit her youtube channel. i can't get enough of her.


Emilita said...

Hey, I really liked this post and the link to the video...so much so that I wrote about it and linked you on my new blog. (She makes it all look so easy.)

And I just finished my undergrad degree a few weeks ago so I feel your pain with exams. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! I love Kim Kardashian and you? What do you think? This is a video with the my best photo-collection. See it^^ Kim Kardashian

Anonymous said...

hi!! that was super helpful!! you should do more tutorials!! Can you please leave this video on??


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