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elemental herbology - not just for hogwart's students anymore.

the name of this high-end skincare line cracks me up. elemental herbology sounds like it should be a class harry potter and his cohorts have to take in order to earn their O.W.L.s, but it's actually a sophisticated herbal-based line focused on how one's skincare needs change with the seasons.

i love a good gel cleanser in the summer, so elemental herbology's cool & clear facial cleanser fits the bill. it's been my weekend summer cleanser. this cleanser cuts the sweat and baked-on grime from sitting at the beach and refreshes me for the evening. and it doesn't hurt that the glass bottle it comes in is so artful i may use it for a message in a bottle when i'm done! $57, exclusively at space.NK and spaceNK.com.

image credit: wmagazine.com

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