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tools for a hot lashing.

lash technology has been really lashing out!

spinlash and the artemis woman heated double curl gentle heat lash curler are the most novel eyelash contraptions to date. now, i don't think you need either of these things, but since i've gotta keep you up to date on the latest beauty technology, and since new gadgets are always fun, here's 411 on both.

how it works: you can either use your fav mascara or the mascara provided with the product, then press the button on the battery-operated spinlash in order to make it revolve. slowly run it along lashes like a mascara wand to remove clumps and separate lashes.

does it work? yes. but be very careful! i've found if you over-spin your mascara will start to flake off. $14.95 at spinlash.com.

how it works: inspired by the beauty trick of taking a lighter to your lash curler before using it, you turn on this contraption and it warms up in 30 seconds, then use it as your lash curler. this device is smart enough not to get too warm, so it is much safer than the lighter trick, because you can overheat your curler and burn your lashes or eye area (ouch!!!!!!).

does it work? i didn't think the curl was significantly bigger than my regular curler, but i would strongly urge you to use this instead of burning your lashes off. $24.99 at artemiswoman.com.


Anonymous said...

I am a lash curl fanatic! For years I was one of those woman who carefully heated my eyelash curler with the blow dryer - sick of crimped lashes and burned skin, I gave the Double Curl Lash Curler a try - And WOW! This product is so revolutionary, I will never use anything else! The heated curler gently applies heat to the base and tips of the lashes, creating lush and full lashes like never before! Ladies, take my advice - If you want GORGEOUS eyes that last day to night,try this product - you will not be disappointed!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that they have heated eyelash curlers at Target for about 8$ and work really well! You don't need to spend this much for one.

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