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shane at chris chase salon, part 2.

my first visit to shane at the chris chase salon was fantastic (read about it here), but after my second visit, shane has made his way into my inner circle of trust!

last week i visited him for a color and bang trim, during a particularly whimsical mood . rather than bringing a zillion pictures and random words i've thought of to describe how i wanted my hair to look (past words like this have included "mermaid hair" and "wispy but not hipster-y"), i pretty much let him do whatever he wanted.

this is a dangerous test to see if you truly can trust your hairdresser and is not recommended for the faint of heart. however, i left with the perfect shade of copper brown that i've been trying to achieve for years, and with the cutest side-bang fringe (without looking like i live in williamsburg). and to top it off, the best blow-out of my life (yes, i am aware of how that sounds). it was so good that i did not wash my hair the next AM, which is something i just simply always do.

interested in seeing shane's work for yourself? find out more at chrischasesalon.com, or book him up at 212.206.7991.

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