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prescriptives fall color collection revealed.

when i first learned that prescriptives was already releasing the details of their fall color collection, entitled daring, my first thought was, "why are makeup releases turning into christmas - gradually showing up earlier and earlier each year?"

but my second thought, after seeing the (to die for) promo image was that i couldn't have the collection soon enough (and also, "can i become that woman?"). the collection offers the perfect balance of a poised look, spiked with a hint of exotic, with sapphire and amethyst tones. this is a godsend for any young working woman who wants to look professional and sexy simultaneously. the soft neutrals for cheeks, and the noted absence of any lip products in the collection, are the backdrop for a disarming eye look.

to see a complete listing of the products and shades being offered visit the beauty addict. i particularly cannot get enough of plum sparks limited edition spark eye pencil ($17.50) and plum lash envy volumizing marcara ($19.50) - the combo is unreal. but alas, you will have to wait until july to get your eyes looking this smokin', when the collection will be released nationwide.

correction from original post: this collection will be released in july 2008.

1 comment:

Jessica said...

I am going to try the plum lash envy!

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