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liquid liner - nothing could be finer! - vincent longo.

over the next few weeks makeup loves me will be celebrating the variety of color, texture, and application techniques for liquid eyeliners. along with false eyelashes, liquid liners are one of my all-time favorite forms of makeup. this fantastic product is pivotal for some of the most dramatic and most elegant looks ever created (the audrey hepburn, the amy winehouse, the egyptian...).

vincent longo's c-scope collection pushes liquid liner farther than i've ever seen before, with vibrant primary and secondary colors reminiscent of native american themes.

normally if someone says a liquid liner is "red", they mean a reddish-brown shimmer. vincent longo means classic crayola red (also on the red/rossino you can tell what a shaky hand i have!). besides the colors pictured, the collection includes a green, called verdino and the more standard black (nerino) and brown (moreno) liners. each liner is $18 at sephora.com.

what sort of look would you do with c-scope?


Askmewhats said...

awww the liner looks FAB!!! I honestly never heard about the brand and I'm sure I will be lemming it if i kept on staring at your swatch! LOL gosh! it looks great! i can't get over it!

Grace said...

Umm did you call amy winehouse elegant? haha. Anyway, I would love to see the more unusual colors on someone!

makeup loves me said...

thanks askmewhats! ;)

grace - haha, no no, not elegant, should would fall under the "dramatic" half of that sentence.

Team Morris said...

I am transfixed with that yellow for some reason! I think it could really make blue eyes pop...and add a bit of gold shimmer shadow for night...I think it could look really great! :)

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