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in the heat of the morning - get MAC's cool heat.

last week nyc took a turn for the hot. once it becomes summer in new york we reach a state of perma-bake, where even at 6am, you step outside and it is sweltering (*though today and yesterday have actually been a bit cooler). while MAC's latest collection, cool heat, has yet to make me any physically cooler, the blue rimmed eyes and bold red and orange lips have brought me major look-spiration (that's look inspiration) for all the hot weeks to come.

my absolute favorites? climate blue eyeshadow (mid-tone violet blue with pink pearl) is a rare bird of a color that is worth picking up and swelter slimshine lipstick (sheer clean red) is almost needed to complete the look. the collection also includes two skin-cooling fragrances, which i have yet to try, but both sound promising and seductive.

i think cool heat is the most exciting color collection from MAC of their early summer releases. if you're looking for a new, fun, summer look, i don't think it can steer you wrong. see it here.

1 comment:

Askmewhats said...

aww I love blue e/s too! I found out that I've got so much blue shadows and blue shadows doesn't compliment my skintone much! lol..good thing I can use it to others!

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