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goodbye to you, cellulite, goodbye to you.

nivea's goodbye cellulite program is a three-pronged attack on thigh dimples. it includes a cellulite gel-cream, cellulite patches, and dietary supplements and is meant to be a four-week process to a bikini-ready body, complete with diet and exercise tips. you can learn about it here.

as for me, i have all three products and i've been very bad about remembering to administer the gel-cream and the vitamins daily. but i've been outstanding about applying the patches before bed when i know i'll be showing a lot of leg the next day. the patches are great because they're quick, effective, and help you to relate to people who are trying to quit smoking via the nicotine patch. i notice that when i wake up and remove the patches the skin underneath looks more toned, but only for a few days. so, i recommend you just get a case of these and slap them on the night before hitting the beach! 6 patches goes for $17 on dermstore.com.

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