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get in the mood for summer with the beauty ideal and caress.

the june issue of the beauty ideal - the online magazine for the beauty blog network - is here! (and jamie did a fantastic job editing it!)

i wrote a feature, which gives tips on how to enjoy the summer and get in a tropical mood - even if you are trapped in your cubicle all summer. see my story, aptly titled "vacationing at the office", here.

now, when i wrote this piece i had not yet tried caress' brazilian exotic oil infusions body wash in brazilian, otherwise it would've been the center of my storyline. there is no more wallet-friendly way to send your mind to paradise. you can't help being intoxicated by the passion flower and acai fruit scent. plus, the oil formula means it's ultra-moisturizing (so i also use it as a shave gel). plan your great escape at your local pharmacy for approximately $4.29 a bottle.

1 comment:

BeautyChick101 said...

Yay! I so loved having you as one of my writers. Loved your article! :)

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