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the fairytale of beam laser spa.

once upon a time two beautiful and smart sisters decided to open a laser hair removal spa. they chose a magical and convenient location on the west side of the enchanted isle of manhattan (1841 broadway, at columbus circle), and chose the name beam laser spa.

one day they received a visit from a beauty blogger named marina. marina loved their comfortable space, personalized service, and the sisters' sweet and knowledgeable demeanor. this being marina's first experience with laser hair removal she felt fear that she did not have copious underarm hair for them to remove, just mere stubble. but she soon learned that laser can be done as long as there is a root of hair under the skin (quite different from waxing), so she had a successful treatment indeed! the laser itself made marina feel just the mildest sting (nothing like the pangs of waxing!). and in nearly no time at all, the treatment was done, leaving our heroine with a 15 - 20% reduction in underarm hair (6-8 treatments are recommended for permanent removal).

visit beam laser spa, the fairy princesses of hair removal, on the web at www.beamlaserspa.com or call them at 212.245.2577.


Smooth Sailing said...

I will very soon have the pleasure of being hair free thanks to Andrea. She is professional, gentle and all around fantastic! I love beam laser and highly recommend it to those who do not enjoy the pain of waxing or stubble of shaving. Besos! -Jennifer

Anonymous said...

I have also been to Beam and absolutely loved it.
It was not my first experience with laser hair removal, though. I've had it done in three different establishments and can tell you that Beam was by far the best place.
Not only were they super friendly but they were on time and didn't make me feel like they were in a hurry. No hair was left untouched and I'm very happy with the results.

Girl-Woman said...

I think I would prefer this over waxing. You post gives me a little more courage. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I went in for my first treatment a couple weeks ago, and the hair has started to shed. I am hooked! I can't wait to go back to Andrea for the next treatment. They also have these delicious little chocolates that you can nibble on when you get there! what is better than chocolates and hair removal!

Kimmie said...

I love Andrea and Liza! Beam is not only relaxing, fun to talk to the sisters but also amazing in that you no longer have to deal with hair where you don't want it! I have to look for the chocolates next time as I have 4 more sessions to go! I love that you can ask them questions and now that they're on Twitter it's nice to interact with them @BeamSpa.

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