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covergirl's trublend 2.0.

covergirl's trublend was the first foundation that i ever wore as part of a daily routine. i wore it everyday senior year of college, and i looked damn good. the formula was creamy and easy to blend, so i would just spread it on with my fingers and walk out the door with a even-toned glow.

fast forward a few years, i discovered prescriptives custom blending and didn't look back. but this spring i heard the rumors that trublend had been reformulated and mixed feedback about the new formula. even though i no longer used the product daily, i was wistfully sad to see one of my old favorites lost for ever.

however, upon trying the "new" formula, i'm not even sure what's so new about it! it had all the great qualities that i know and loved from the original, the only difference i decipher is the formula is a bit more liquidy, which is a good thing because the old one could get a bit tacky (like sticky, not like paris hilton).

so if you've spent the last few months hearing me rave about prescriptive's custom blend, and you're thinking "damnit mlm, give me something that looks great that i can actually afford", try out covergirl's trublend foundation, available at drugstores for around $8.99.

1 comment:

Askmewhats said...

ohh I love CG Foundation! I use the age defying :) I love it :)

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