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and the verdict is out on victoria's secret bust plumper.

it's been a full month (in fact, 5 weeks) and i have dutifully used victoria's secret very voluptuous ultimate bust plumper at least once a day (if you are new to this story line, see previous posts here and here to get caught up). the recommended usage is twice a day - morning and evening - but i think that's a bit optimistic about how an ordinary person might use this product.

the product claims in two weeks:
- bust and decollete feel plumped and look voluptuous
- cleavage looks sexier

and in four weeks:
- contour and bust look enhanced
- bust area looks sexier: plumper, rounder, younger and revitalized

my results?
let me start with some potentially disappointing news: i did not go up a cup size. but, i do think the rounder, voluptuous thing did happen. so it didn't change the size of my chest, but it did change the shape in a way i found aesthetically pleasing.

how does this crazy product work? i, and i'm sure many of you, have wondered. well, unfortunately i was unable to get a specialist from victoria's secret to answer this question because the product apparently isn't selling well and will soon be discontinued. this surprised me, as so many people have expressed interest in it, but, what do i know?

conclusion: if you want rounder, but not larger, boobs, very voluptuous ultimate bust plumper may be for you. but decide quickly, because soon it will go the way of the dinosaurs.


Anonymous said...

i wonder if it had been used as directed if the product would have given even remotely better results?

also, i'm not terribly surprised that it did not do too well for victoria's secret. they have so many bras that offer to do the same thing without the nuisance of twice-daily application, that i think sales naturally would be diverted to push-ups and such.

since we're talking about boob, may i highly recommend these:


perhaps a review?


Girl-Woman said...

It sound just like what this Tyrannosaurus rex needs.

Trent said...

This is just what I've been looking for - just kidding. I did wonder if any of that breast plumping stuff actually worked though - so thanks.

Neodymium said...

If you breasts have changed, its not a result of the product. Its medically impossible for a cream to do something like that. It should be illegal to market products based on such blatant lies.

Cortney said...

I have gotten this product and can say its exactly like Avon's Bust Sculpt Cream. And has made my Saggy Post breastfeeding Boobs tighter, firmer and overall better!! Im so sad to see it go, but Avons is JUST as good, but doesnt smell like Vanilla liek VS does.

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