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the makeup show nyc.

still jet-lagging from my flight back to the east coast i hit up the makeup show nyc this afternoon. the makeup show is just what it sounds like, a makeup trade show, which translates into a fantasy land of high pigment colors, glitters, liners in every color and fake mustaches.

i left with my hands covered in bright neon pigments (my current obsession). after trying them all, my favorite was neon 6 palette appetizer by wolfe brothers face art and fx. the appetizer includes 6 neon shades of hydrocolor makeup, which means water colors for the face. if you're serious about the neon makeup trend, i recommend the neon yellow as a shadow with a winged black liquid liner.


yummy411 said...

wow you did it all!! great stuff!

Askmewhats said...

the neon colors looks wonderful!!!! Love it! :) i hope i can find good ones here in manila ;)

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