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MAC's naughty nauticals.

MAC is constantly introducing new collections. most brands will release a collection for fall and one for spring and maybe a summer and a winter line if they are feeling extravagant. but MAC usually releases a few new lines each month, meaning i am constantly working to stay on top of what's new there. however, no matter how much new MAC i see, i still get giddy before each release, dreaming of how the newest product will transform my look.

but this spring MAC has been unusually quiet. it wasn't the same barrage of release upon release... well that is because they had something truly special up their sleeves. about two weeks ago they released naughty nauticals.

this collection has so many sassy sailor blues it makes me swoon, plus one punchy red (port red lipstick is described as a clean yellow red with gold pearl (frost)). this lipstick and all four pigments are what i have been dying to get my hands on. plus, i really enjoy watching the promo video that goes along with collection. what are going nautical for?

ps- sadly none of the shades have "marina" in their name. though if they did i probably would already been to the MAC counter to buy them out of their marina product stock.

see all the naughty nauticals here.

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